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Starting July 1, 2019, you will be directed to new websites for obtaining commercial vehicle registrations and oversize/overweight permits. Subscriber account services for Full Fee and Hazardous Material Endorsements will no longer be available after June 2019. Subscribers to these services will need to contact Access Idaho directly to close out these accounts. Learn more
2019 Motor Carrier Seminars
This year will focus on the new commercial registration and special permitting systems.

Driver Record Dashboard

Monitor a list of driver records for:

  • License convictions/suspension flag
  • Medical certification expiration
  • CDL expiration updates
  • Add/remove drivers in bulk


Truck Stops

The following directories include truck stops in Idaho. These links are not endorsed by or part of the State of Idaho.

FREE trucking phone card

Idaho’s wallet-size trucking card keeps useful motor carrier information at your fingertips.

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